Built up fireplaces / surrounds

Fireplaces today are considered furniture, which makes design, functionality and safety important factors to consider.




Skamotec 225

Skamotec 225 are lightweight fireplace building boards that combine design, functionality and safety into only one product 


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 Using Skamotec 225 to build fireplaces provides the following benefits

  • Total fire-protection as the boards are non-combustible
  • Keeps the surface of the fireplace cool due to an excellent insulating value
  • Eliminates cracks in the construction when installed correctly
  • Shortens the construction process by eliminating the need for steel and wood frame construction 
  • Easily installed using common wood working tools
  • Provides a world of design possibilities


Examples of how to build a fireplace using Skamotec 225 boards





Skamotec 225 - a world of design possibilities



Local building and fire regulations must be observed

For information regarding applicable fireplace installation and fire regulations, please contact your local fireplace builder, chimney sweep or chimney lining specialist. 


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