Skamol products are used as lining inside the melting and holding furnaces.

The products used in the bottom of the furnaces are insulating bricks such as Supra as well as calcium silicate boards type Super-1100E.

Super-1100E is also used as back-up insulation in top of furnaces and doors.

The application of our products is illustrated by the drawing below.

Melting and holding furnace


The drawing shows a tilting furnace insulated by Skamol Moler bricks in the bath zone and Skamol calcium silicate in roof and door.

Our wide range of products has different properties enabling us to deliver the solution requested by our customers. All Skamol products are produced and delivered according to customer specifications considering the specific furnace. The optimal solution is achieved by the involvement and support from our Technical Center.

In order to fulfil the requirements from our customers all products are delivered in the dimensions required having in mind that the requirements from our customers are within the dimensions and specifications technically possibly for us to produce.

Please check the quick links in order to find more information about our products used for relining of the melting and holding furnaces.

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